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"North of 49" 1149 B/STR (@dothost)

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Speed Week 2007

1149's Speed Week wrapped up with a 209 third mile and a 210.505 exit.

We've got a bonus this year for French speaking followers of 1149. Speed Skier Stéphane LACOSTE of Grenoble joined us on the salt during Speedweek. He has reported on the weeks activities on his his 2007 Speed Week Blog. Non French speakers will still enjoy the pictures and if you're Canadian you can pretend you're looking at a very special cereal box.

Stéphanes Speed Ski team - http://www.box-on.com
Stéphanes 2007 Blog - http://www.box-on.com/dotclear/index.php

We also shot some in car video during our runs this year the collection is hosted at You-Tube.

Speed Week 2006 - 202.149 MPH

Our 2006 adventure is documented in words, pictures and video Click Here.


August 17 2006

In conjunction with our appearance at the Calgary World of Wheels we loading a few videos to You Tube. Check 'em out on the 2006 Speed Week Video Page


Races This section of the site is all about the events that North of 49 has attended. So far we've only attended Speed Week annually since 2002. Speed Week is held on the Bonneville Salt Flats and is our whole reason for being.

The Crew An opportunity to introduce you to the people behind the North of 49 Club. Yes, we're a club now, we used to be a bunch of guys with a car, but determined that that situation just made us a club. Besides, we needed a bank account.

History Background about our racing effort. The story behind our choice of a Roadster Pick-Up. A picture tour of the building of North of 49.

Gallery Photo by Jeffrey CongerA collecting place for the better pictures of North of 49 from our collection. Sounds and video of 1149 in action. Most importantly though, contributions from folks who have used their talents to help our effort.

Appearances A scrapbook of news and Magazine clipping which have featured North of 49 form the basis of this section. Add to that some brief coverage of shows that 1149 has been parked at.

Sponsors These are the people, company's and organizations who have helped build and operate North of 49 through contributions of materials, funds, and time. Thank You!

Gear T-shirts, plaques, stickers, etc. Whatever manner of North of 49 souvenirs we can think of to offer is available here. All proceeds from the sale of these items go toward the improvement and operation of 1149. Thank You for your support!

Video Recommendation

If you're a fan of Land Speed Racing, or even just curious about what this is all about, it would be well worth your while to get yourself a copy of Bonneville Wide Open, "an award-winning documentary about creative engineers and lead feet..." The film created by Ben Karne and Steve Davy was released in late 2004 at the CalIndiefest Film Festival in Livermore, California where it promptly won the Audience choice award. The film is an excellent look at what how LSR participants are driven as well as what they're driving.

You can order a copy directly from the film makers at Bonneville Wide Open.

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